Obidos is Portugal's most popular tourist attraction outside of Lisbon and it's easy to understand why. The medieval walled town is easily accessible and has remained largely unchanged throughout the centuries. No holiday on Portugal's Silver Coast is complete without a visit!

1) Park on the large car park by the aqueduct.


Rather than park on the small paid car park immediately by the tourist office, park instead on the large car park across the road. Unless there is a large event going on the parking here is usually free and even when there is a small amount to pay (never excessive) the much needed funds revert to the local fire service. Reaching the large car park is easy - exit the motorway and turn left at the roundabout, go under the aqueduct and turn left at the following roundabout. The entrance to the car park is on your left hand side.


Obidos Ginja


2) Try the Ginjinha (chocolate cup optional)


The claim to the birthplace of Portugal's delicious cherry liquor is hotly contested between Alcobaça and Obidos but there is no doubt that a visit to either isn't complete without trying a cup (or two!) Many bars have a stand outside selling their Ginja in small cups made of chocolate for a couple of Euros a go. Personally I prefer to sit inside and drink it from a proper (and larger!) glass but it's all a matter of taste. Incidentally by far the best Ginja around is made by my Father in Law but I'm afraid we hoard all of that for ourselves!


Obidos Sunset 3) Go at Sunset


As a very popular tourist attraction Obidos can get quite crowded, especially with it's rather narrow medieval streets. My favourite time to visit is just before sunset after all the coach party's have disappeared and seats at the various bars have been vacated. Nothing quite beats drinking a gin and tonic after watching the Sun go down over the Atlantic from a privileged view point from the ancient city walls, followed by a couple of Ginjas and perhaps a bite to eat. Which leads me to my next tip -


Silver Coast Taxi


4) Get a cab!

Taxi's are very cheap in Portugal and it is well worth taking advantage of this fact. Speaking from personal experience there are few things more frustrating than not being able to take part in the above gin and tonics, ginja's etc as you're the one that has to drive everyone home!

Call us if you need help ordering a local Obidos taxi man.


Obidos Medieval Fair

5) Visit during the medieval fair.


If at all possible try and visit the medieval fair which is usually held in July and early August. The setting is just fantastic, the food is basic but delicious, and some of the costumes are amazing. Troops of actors and musicians flood from all over Europe to entertain and delight and it is an unforgettable experience during your Silver Coast Summer Holiday.


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