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The Silver Coast of Portugal is a very child friendly destination with children being actively welcomed in restaurants, bars and attractions. Here are a few things we think they will love doing during your holiday!



The Oceanarium in Lisbon is very impressive and an incredibly popular visitor attraction for families. It is also easy to find and parking spaces are ample as it is located on the old Expo 98 site. It should take about an hour to get there from your Portugal Silver Coast Villa


Almourol Portugal Holiday2


This fairytale castle located in the middle of the river is like something from a Disney film. A very popular destination for my 6 year old niece and step daughter who love playing at princesses - I can't wait until the lad is old enough to be a knight templar!


Childrens Holiday Portugal

Children's Playgrounds

There are a number of children's playgrounds in our area. There are two at São Martinho, one of which is on the beach, there is another by the primary school at Foz do Arelho and then there is the main one in Caldas da Rainha park which in Summer also has a boating lake.

Sailing club

The sailing club near Foz do Arelho takes advantage of the still and safe waters of the Obidos Lagoon to teach youngsters to canoe, sail or windsurf.

Water parks

There are a number of water parks suitable for children of all ages in the area. We personally like the one at Nazaré which has a small paddling pool and slides perfect for toddlers and also larger faster slides for our 7 year old - and I won't lie, I enjoy them every bit as much as she does!

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0 #4 Kevin 2015-03-30 08:27
There is a great cafe just by the boat dock / car park at Almourol run by a very pleasant young couple. Being at the castle itself transports one back to the times of Knights and damsels in distress - magical!
0 #3 Kevin 2015-03-30 08:24
By the way I know these beaches personally so if anyone wants more information just ask.....
0 #2 Kevin 2015-03-30 08:22
One of the greatest child-friendly features of Foz do Arelho and Salo Martinho do Porto is the safe bathing for children. The bay at SMP is very sheltered and the lagoon at Foz provides really child-friendly swimming on the lagoon side of the beach. Both beaches are huge, clean and manned by lifeguards. You could not ask for more from a beach with children in mind
0 #1 Kevin 2015-03-30 08:16
Look out for Dolphins in Sao Martinho bay?

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