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Parque dos Monges is a good place to go if you're stuck for something to do with young kids during your Holiday in Portugal. And there is plenty that teens and adults will find interesting as well!


The large premises have a number of adventure activities such as wall climbing, canoeing and zipline. There are also numerous animal enclosures with a wide variety of birds, a couple of very friendly Alpacas and some shy Monkeys and lazy Kangaroos. There is also a very friendly large tortoise!

There is a pretend "working" medieval village with a smith, geese herder and artisans and probably the highlight of the day is the medieval tournament at 18h when riders try to unhorse each other with lances - impressive stuff!

The staff were very knowledgeable and interesting although the tours seem to be in Portuguese only. There are numerous events held year round and workshops.

There is a large picnic area with plenty of shade, and we recommend you take your own as the canteen although not expensive was nothing special either.

A good destination offering something a little extra on your Portugal Holiday

Parque dos Monges

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